The Journal Club with Paola de Leonardis and Marco Greco – 7th December 2023


Journal Club second session: date 7th December 2023; Time 19.30 – 21.00 CET

Paola de Leonardis – Psychologist, psychodramatist, trainer in the field of social-health and education, founder and head of the Psychodrama School of the Psychodrama Study Center of Milan. Editor-in-chief of Psicodramma Classico, an Italian psychodrama magazine published by AIPsiM, author of “The Horse Discard – Psychodrama as small group intervention” (Franco Angeli, 1994/2013)

Marco Greco: Psychotherapist  own practice and theater for psychodrama , psychodramatist, trainer Head of the local branch in Turin; Teacher in the EPG group of Turin, Teacher in the courses: History of Psychology (in the four-year course), Development of psychodrama (in the two-year course). Chairman of FaberActive srl – President of the Moreno Museum Association –

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