Association Psychodrama since 1984 in Turkey


Address Koza sok. No: 74-7 Çankaya-Ankara
Country and zip code TURKEY-06700
Phone number  0090 543 42811 17
President / Director Associate Professor Nevin Eracar

Formal Stucture

Name of the Federation: Dr. Abdülkadir Özbek Federation of Psychodrama Associations
Headquarters of the Federation: Ankara.
Names of the Founding Associations:

  1. Ankara Psychodrama Association
  2. Istanbul Psychodrama Association
  3. Izmir Psychodrama Association
  4. Denizli Psychodrama Association
  5. Abdülkadir Özbek Psychodrama Association

Later members:

  • Çukurova Arşalus Kayır Psychodrama Association
  • Anka Group Psychotherapies and Psychodrama Association

The Federation’s Purpose, Areas of Work, Ways of Operating and Fields of Activity:

  • To take part in the preparation and implementation of regulatory acts such as laws, regulations and directives related to psychodrama training and practices, to work detecting and correcting the deficient aspects of the regulatory acts
  • To inform the society about psychodrama, to carry out studies for public education


The Federation of Psychodrama Associations is an organization which was founded on March 8, 2016 by uniting five psychodrama associations located in four different cities (Ankara Psychodrama Association, Abdülkadir Özbek PsychodramaAssociation, Istanbul Psychodrama Association, İzmir Psychodrama Association, and Denizli Psychodrama Association).

Psychodrama was introduced to Turkey in 1984 through the efforts of Prof. Dr. Abdulkadir Ozbek. The psychodrama training that he initiated as our trainer in Ankara spread very quickly to other cities. This training process evolved with psychodrama associations established in Ankara, Istanbul, and Izmir under the umbrella of the Dr. Abdülkadir Özbek Psychodrama Institute, and was further elaborated with international ties such as cooperation with the Überlingen Moreno Institute and then the International Association of Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes (IAGP) and the Federation of European Psychodrama Training Organizations (FEPTO), as well as the individual support of many psychodramatists fromabroad, especially Prof. Dr. Grete Leutz.

The Federation of Psychodrama Associations is the product of the accumulation of 32 years of labor and experience. We present our endless thanks to everyone who have contributed to this process thus far.


Dr. Abdülkadir Özbek Federation of Psychodrama Associations is an umbrella organization that was first established under the name of “Federation of Psychodrama Associations” on March 8th, 2016 by five Psychodrama Associations (Ankara Psychodrama Association, Abdülkadir Özbek Psychodrama Association, Istanbul Psychodrama Association, İzmir Psychodrama Association and Denizli Psychodrama Association) located in four different cities. The name of Professor Abdülkadir Özbek, who is the founding chairman and also the pioneer of psychodrama training in Turkey, was later included in the federation’s name (which became “Dr. Abdülkadir Özbek Federation of Psychodrama Associations”) as an honorary acknowledgment during the General Assembly in June 2022 and the number of member associations under the federation rose to seven with the addition of two members. The newest member associations are: Çukurova Arşalus Kayır Psychodrama Association and Anka Group Psychotherapies and Psychodrama Association

I.1. Our Goals

  • To gather all psychodrama associations in Turkey under this umbrella organization,
  • To ensure that member associations can work in cooperation and coordination in the application, development and research fields of the psychodrama method,
  • To establish a minimum standard in psychodrama training,
  • To determine the proficiency areas of psychodramatists,
  • To prepare a proficiency exam for psychodramatists,
  • To carry out studies that will increase the quality of public services that improve and protect community mental health,
  • To work in coordination with government agencies and non-governmental organizations in the national and international arena.

 I.2. Our Mission

As the Abdülkadir Özbek Federation of Psychodrama Associations, our mission is to gather the associations operating in the field of psychodrama in Turkey under a broad-based umbrella organization, to ensure their coordinated work at home and abroad, and to contribute to the creation and development of national policies regarding our field of work.

I.3. Our Vision

We aim to be an education, research and service institution that has developed organizational ties with national and international psychotherapy and psychodrama institutions, has a strong corporate culture and identity, and is equivalent to qualified institutions in our field.