The human being: J.L. Moreno’s vision in psychodrama


The human being: J.L. Moreno’s vision in psychodrama
by Norbert APTER

1st published: Apter, N. (2003). The human being : J.L. Moreno’s vision in psychodrama.
International Journal of Psychotherapy (E.A.P.) no8(1) pp 31-36


Integrating two different psycho-therapeutic approaches is more and more frequent among psychologists.

Psychodrama is often chosen as one. In order to be coherent and efficient, serious attention must be paid to verifying the compatibility of the two chosen approaches when integrating them (even partly), especially in terms of their vision of the human being.

In order to facilitate this necessary verification, Norbert Apter reviews here Moreno’s psychodrama vision of the human being: a relational being, the spontaneity and creativity of which form the pillars enabling him to actualize his interactions and the interiorized roles on which he relies.

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