Action Methods / Sociodrama

  • Director’s commentary - Director’s commentary by Roger SCHALLER First published in: Schaller, R. (2019). Imagine you are….Role Play in Individual Therapy, Counselling and Coaching. ISBN 978-0-359-67529-6 Abstract The focus of this article is on the interactions between client and therapist during the planning and execution of the scenic play in individual psychodrama. The so called „director’s commentary“ […]
  • Psychodrama Group Therapy for Children - Psychodrama Group Therapy for Children by Stefan Flegelskamp Abstract Stefan Flegelskamp describes psychodrama for a group of children from the age 8 upwards.  The children should be close in age and have a similar level of development. The aim of the therapy is to socialize the children through children’s play. The focus is directed at […]
  • Working with reluctant clients - Working with reluctant clients Implementing elements of psychodrama for successful psychotherapy with traffic offenders by Roger Schaller   First published in German: Schaller, R. (2020). Wenn die Behandlungsmotivation gleich Null ist. Zeitschrift für Psychodrama und Soziometrie, 1. doi: 10.1007/s11620-020-00535-3 Abstract Successful psychotherapy is often assumed to depend on a client’s willingness to participate and his or […]
  • The human being: J.L. Moreno’s vision in psychodrama - The human being: J.L. Moreno’s vision in psychodramaby Norbert APTER 1st published: Apter, N. (2003). The human being : J.L. Moreno’s vision in psychodrama.International Journal of Psychotherapy (E.A.P.) no8(1) pp 31-36 Abstract Integrating two different psycho-therapeutic approaches is more and more frequent among psychologists. Psychodrama is often chosen as one. In order to be coherent and […]